Human-Centred Design Q&A: Designing for good

October 19, 2022

How can we create products and services that positively impact both people and the world around us?

This is the question we explored at our latest Human-Centred Design Manchester Meetup and put to our panel of experts; Charlotte, Elizabeth and Adam.

In what was an insightful and engaging discussion covering a variety of talking points, we've pulled together some key highlights from our Q&A below.

How do you overcome systemic barriers within organisations?

Liz, Head of Design at Creative Concern

"A lot of the stuff we do is all about behaviour change and how we shift people's perceptions to get them to make more sustainable choices. This can filter through from an individual to someone who is in a position to make big decisions.

"There is an element of it being down to decision-makers, and getting them to buy in because that's where the real change happens. Unfortunately in the UK, we aren't currently in that position so it's about small-step changes and smaller companies making responsible choices and individuals making their voices heard. It's more powerful when you come together in a group."

Do you think the shift in digital since the pandemic has encouraged people to live greener?

Adam, Founder at InlandSea

"What lockdown and the pandemic did was change people's mindsets quite a bit. Everyone slowed down.

"Before, everyone was going a million miles an hour. I think that's changed for everyone and we feel like there's a new start. The climate crisis is still massively there, but the pandemic brought people together in a unique way."

What have you done in the past to convince businesses to make sustainable choices?

Charlotte, Founder at Creative Wilderness

"I think one of the key things is to find out what the person you're working with is passionate about. You can find the small bits of their passion and then focus on that because you can't do everything.

"What do we really care about? Do we want to reduce our waste or do we want to pay people a fair wage and look at where our products are coming from? Then we focus on that bit and it becomes a small change. It's about making the work approachable and not preachy, and having an agency ethos from the start."

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