How a day zero workshop can help any business prepare for 2022

January 11, 2022
Steve Peters

All organisations are different. A mix of people, personalities, departments, technology, hopes, fears - a melting pot with unlimited variations.

In this context, knowing what the right thing to do next can be difficult to say the least ‚ and it will be completely different from business to business.

Why run a day zero?

Day zero workshops help businesses cut through the noise of internal decision making, technology choices and customer understanding ‚ to create a clear and actionable roadmap of activities to do now, next and in the future.

You can read a more comprehensive guide on running your own day zero workshop here, but for now, let's focus on some of the key steps involved in the process.

What's involved?

A day zero is usually split into three parts:


All participants are given ‚homework' to do which sets the scene at the business for sharing in the workshop.

Workshop delivery    

A collaborative session where design and technology leaders run a series of activities to establish business ambitions, situation, vision, barriers to change, hopes, fears and create a plan of action.


We'll reflect on the session, perform our own independent research, and present back a strategic approach to business growth based on the findings from the workshops, and our experience having worked in the sector.

This engagement piece breaks the inertia within client teams, gets people working together (sometimes for the first time) and creates clarity on the outcomes the business is looking to achieve.

At the end of this process, we typically present a write up of our work and recommendations, looking at:

  • Where the business is today
  • What the future looks like
  • What various steps are needed to get there

One of our five digital trends to watch this year was the drive for businesses to transform within, and we're currently using day zero workshops to help our partners do just that.

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Want to hear more about a day zero and how your business could benefit from a workshop? Get in touch here.

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