17 Product Thinkers to follow on Twitter

October 21, 2016

In the latest of our series of posts dedicated to helping those interested in Product Thinking learn more about this new way of working, we've pulled together a list of all the must-follow practitioners.  Here, in no particular order, are 17 of our favourite Product Thinkers on Twitter.

Randy Silver @randy_silver

Randy Silver is currently Interim CPO of JATO Dynamics, and tweets about product leadership.

Todd Jackson @tjack

Todd's got quite the CV ‚ he's currently the Founder in Residence for First Round, and previously worked as VP of Product for Dropbox, Product Director at Twitter, and Project Manager at both Google and Facebook.

Keith Mitchell @specialized

Keith is VP of Engineering for Push Doctor. His tweets mainly focus on building effective teams and UX.

Emma Mulholland @e_mulholland

Emma works as a Product Manager for ShopKeep and also co-founded ProductTank Belfast and ProductCamp Belfast.

Product People @productpeopletv

This is the account for the Product People podcast ‚ a podcast about people who make stuff.‚ Lots of marketing- and development-related content here.

Tony Foggett @tonyfoggett

Our CEO Tony frequently writes about how we're evolving our way of working here at Code, and Twitter's the best place to keep up with his latest musings.

Megan Berry @meganberry

Megan works as VP of Product at Octane AI, a Facebook Messenger platform focused on ecommerce and retail brands,‚ and she's a big advocate of working remotely.

John Cutler @johncutlefish

With over 40,000 followers, product development nut‚ and prolific Medium poster John is a must-follow.

Adam Warburton @adamwarb

Adam is Head of Membership Product at Coop Digital and co-organiser of the upcoming MTP Engage Manchester conference. He primarily tweets about Product Thinking from a product management perspective.

Tim Herbig @herbigt

Hamburg-based Tim is a product leader, author and speaker with plenty of interesting thoughts to share around agile and product management. Make sure you sign up for his newsletter too.

Nikkel Blasse @JAF_Designer

Nikkel describes himself as a Product Designer & #ProductThinking Evangelist‚. He frequently speaks about the subject at conferences and events and is worth a follow for his product focus.

Bradley Horowitz @elatable

As you'd expect from the VP of Product for Google, Bradley's at the very cutting edge of the latest ideas around Product Thinking.

Marvin Chow @theREALmarvin

Marvin is the VP of Product Marketing at Google, and tweets about his latest work, the articles that have got him thinking, and the causes that inspire him.

Guy Rosen @guyro

As a VP of Product at Facebook, Guy offers an insight into the latest work they're doing to tackle fake news and online abuse on the platform, as well as how Facebook's ways of working help them stay agile.

Paul Adams @Padday

Paul previously worked at Facebook, Google and Dyson, and is now VP of Product at Intercom. He's big on bots and marketing.

Graeme Goulden @graemegoulden

Graeme is Product Manager at Manchester City Football Club and founder of Product Tank MCR. He's got plenty of insights to share around the local Product Thinking scene and beyond.

Arne Kittler @ArneKittler

Arne is a Product Director at XING and also helps run the Hamburg-based branch of Product Tank. Follow for thought-provoking product management chat.  

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