Our Philosophy To Make Every day Better

You're looking at the first page of the new Code Computerlove website.

Next week we'll add more. And the week after even more and the week after that even more.

Because that's how we work, constantly changing and updating based on what we learn - what we learn from you - our clients, future clients, friends and future computerlovers.

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We are a digital studio, working with global brands to evolve their digital products, services and capabilities.

We blend the principles of Human Centred Design with the methodologies of Lean Engineering to create value for our clients and for their customers, based on customer empathy and insight and fast iterative prototyping and release.

Our goal is to make things better, whether we are collaborating with our partners to use technology to solve everyday problems or answering the big marketing questions of the day.

We are advisors to Asda, Center Parcs, HMV, Hillarys, Oxfam, First Group, Brother International, Chester Zoo and Amnesty International.

If you like working with smart, no-nonsense people then Code Computerlove is the studio for you.

Contact us at hello@codecomputerlove.com or on 0161 276 2080.