An industry-first platform for Equity Release Supermarket

  • Client

    Equity Release Supermarket

  • Services

    Art Direction, Research, UX Design, Content Design, Service Design, Service Optimisation

  • Methods

    Usability Testing, User Interviews, Stakeholder Interviews, Design Sprints


Design a new digital platform for the equity release sector

Financial advisory service Equity Release Supermarket (ERS) recognised that the current landscape didn’t cater for consumers who wanted to learn more about accessing the money tied up within the value of their homes.

Its vision was to create a digital platform that provided consumers with not only more control, but more in-depth information, a better understanding of the plans available and greater insight to match their requirements.

With the technology behind the platform already developed, we were briefed to research and design a new customer experience for ERS. 


Comparison across the whole market, in one place

Equity release is a complex topic many will not be familiar with before accessing advisory services. This hypothesis was validated by our research which showed they had little understanding of the process of equity release, the products available or why they should use ERS.

From the initial research, we then identified three core customer journeys:

  • Customers learning how to improve their financial situation 
  • Customers searching for the best rates in the market
  • Customers searching for exactly how much they could borrow 

As ERS already had several calculators and comparison tools distributed across many pages – we simplified this core journey into a single tool, smartER, which allows customers to enter their details, compare deals and search plans across the whole market. 


Enhancing the existing user journey

So users could intuitively navigate their journey through the research phase of releasing equity, smartER was used as the ‘next step’ following on from ERS’ quick calculator and research tools. 

As the primary demographic of customers in equity release are homeowners over 50, we considered accessibility throughout and ensured that colour contrast met WCAG standards.

Use of language, length and the phrasing of sensitive questions were also carefully considered so that ERS could explain why they needed to obtain specific information on their forms. 


Introducing a consistent set of design principles

So ERS could maintain a consistent approach across their other internal systems, we introduced a multi-brand design system with all of their assets and components – streamlining their brand as a whole.

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