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Increase conversions by improving CX and performance

DeltaNet is a leading training solutions provider specialising in compliance and health & safety services tailored to the needs of businesses across all sectors. 

With their website vital to how users navigate and enquire about their services, we were briefed to improve performance to ensure a consistently fast and responsive experience whilst refreshing the look and feel of the DeltaNet digital brand.


Introducing a new journey

By highlighting products and services at the top of the homepage, users are signposted to the right content at the earliest point in their journey – ultimately driving more users to convert as leads. 

We also provided users more information about DeltaNet’s products and services in the main navigation.

This helps to reduce confusion, educate and direct users to the content they are looking for and are more likely to convert.

Increase in page views 0%


Delivering a faster experience

Performance issues across the site, mainly the difference between paint and interactive times, led to some users thinking that the website was ‘broken’ and resulted in engaged and enthusiastic users exiting without taking action.

With each additional second of load time (after 0-2s), website conversion rates drop by an average of 4% per second!

We improved performance issues around load times to ensure a consistently fast and responsive experience, ensuring DeltaNet didn’t lose any potential customers through frustrations over site performance.

By optimising the enquiry form in line with customer feedback and persuasive design techniques, we also improved its efficacy in converting more users.

Decrease in bounce rate 0%
Decrease in load time 0%


Raising the profile of pricing packages

By restructuring how DeltaNet presented its pricing to customers, we promoted options that better appealed to them, encouraging more conversions. 

We simplified how costs and CTAs appear, summarised benefits and managed expectations around the following steps.

This resulted in users having fewer questions and were far more likely to go ahead and purchase one of DeltaNet’s service packages. 

Increase in conversions 0%

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