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Center Parcs

We redesigned a successful website and booking engine, to attract a new audience, whilst maximising revenue opportunities from existing customers. We designed and tested within a digital pattern library so the development partner, Adobe, could easily implement our customer experience within the technical solution.
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Create a digital experience befitting of the magic of the Center Parcs woodland experience.

  • Client

    Center Parcs

  • Services

    Service Design, Product Design

  • Methods

    Design Sprints, Ethnographic Studies, User Testing


Redesign a 10 year old website and booking experience for a new audience

Center Parcs didn’t need us to help them sell more accommodation – with 97% occupancy year-round, they had that covered. Instead, our focus has been on making booking the perfect break easier.

Design Thinking

Understanding the visitor experience and buying motivations

We worked with the Center Parcs team and chatted to guests to better understand what customers needed. We used these insights to create a more streamlined booking process that makes the whole experience much more intuitive and which better caters for those reserving multiple lodges.

Everything we designed as part of the sprints was tested with real customers and the feedback incorporated into iterations.

Ethnographic study

Experience Map

Rapid Prototyping

Pattern Library


We listened to what customers wanted and simplified the hassle of booking

It delivers new personalisation features to speed up repeat bookings and filters search by user’s ‘must-have’ accommodation features. It also lets customers invite guests on their break, as well as make online changes to their booking right up until the date their holiday starts.


As part of the design we created a set of atomic assets

The atomic design library is a kind of Lego kit of design assets that could be grouped together to create a page. The front end was created so these ‘Lego bricks’ could be collated in any order and still react responsively. This means the Center Parcs team have autonomy and can create their own campaign pages without the need to call on development resource.


We worked with Adobe to provide the design assets in the most efficient way

We worked with build partner Adobe as part of the process and created a pattern library housing working code atomic assets right up to page templates. This allowed us to bridge design and build so there’s less room for misinterpretation of the original designs, plus it’s also reduced build time for the development partner, saving Center Parcs a significant investment and potential frustration.

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