We work with you to create content that is consistently found, loved and shared by your customer.

Our Editorial team offer specialist knowledge in content designcontent marketing, SEO and copywriting to ensure content is embedded throughout your digital products.


Our editorial services are designed to help you get organised, write well and grow.

  1. Expert reviews and content audits
  2. Editorial workshops and training
  3. Content governance processes and strategies
  4. Content design sprints
  5. Copywriting
  6. SEO and content marketing

Why you need it

Creating a new website or marketing campaign is complicated. There are so many decisions to be made. That’s why it’s easy to end up just focussing on the technology and the way it’s designed. But success depends on the words, pictures, videos and interactives that populate it too. Neglect this at the beginning and you’re sure to regret it later.

Thinking carefully about what, when and where you’re publishing improves effectiveness – it attracts traffic from search and gets people to convert. Plus, it improves relevancy and team cohesion (no more embarrassingly out-of-date assets) and ensures your content is on-brand.

Our editorial team is made up of experienced marketers, journalists and writers who can both produce outstanding content, and consult and train your in-house team to do the same.

We also work with our conversion rate optimisation and web analytics specialists. This helps us test the effectiveness of content, ensure it’s working and prove its value with robust attribution modelling.

How we do it

We apply a Product Thinking approach, which ensures we deliver results quickly and in the most efficient way possible:

  • Do the right thing – We make sure content is well-researched and produced to a high standard, then pass on what we learn to you. This means we make informed choices based on real insight and we produce awesome work based on those choices.

  • Do the thing right – Using content design principles in our work means that we always put the user first to ensure our content is as useful and effective as possible.

  • Do it together – We work in multidisciplinary teams, so there’s always someone on hand to guide how content is shaped and ensure SEO is considered.

Choose Code because...



Our experienced editorial team offers a breadth and depth of content know-how that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.



We can shape our services to suit your needs. So whether you're starting from scratch with a new website or want to raise your profile, we can help.



Our motto here at Code is ‘brilliant never stops’. Not only can we improve your content today, but we’ll also make sure you’re equipped for the future with content planning, training sessions, and the expert support you need.

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