April 24

PyData MCR - Human Skills

7:00pm - 10:00pm Code Computerlove

The so called “soft skills” rarely get their time in the spotlight. We think these skills are what make good employees spectacular. This month we are doing talks accessible to anybody. With topics ranging from Understandability, Mastery, mental health and hopefully more we hope that the PyData community(as well as anybody else) will come along!

The Talks: Joseph Allen(@JosephAllen1234) - “Mastery is for You” - Joseph Allen is a Manchester based Project Manager with a history in Data Science, Front-End Development, Digital Marketing and Digital Art. “Mastery is for You” explores Joseph’s journey into industry, what he learnt, and how.

Callum Fraser(@callumjfraser) - “Optimising for Understanding” - Lead JavaScript Engineer at Barclays who is passionate about inspiring and helping people be the best they can. Inspired by the complexity of working at a bank he has been pondering how to make software engineering more effective through simplicity.

Gem Hill(@Gem_hill) - "Check yo self before you wreck yo’self" - Gem Hill is a Senior Tester in the Voice + AI team, working on BBC skills for Alexa and other voice platforms. She has two podcasts (Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby, and Inner Pod), and can be found on twitter @Gem_hill. She drinks a lot of tea, reads a lot of comics, and loves to bake We all know how to look after our physical health: we all know about exercise and eating 5 a day and drinking water. How many of us think deliberately about looking after our mental health? Gem will share her experience with looking after her mental health, sharing her experiences with mental illness, and how she uses self care as a mood barometer.

There will be food and refreshments provided by the sponsors of this event, Code Computerlove, to help you through.

A note, if you arrive after 6pm you will have to enter through the side door, opposite Soup Kitchen, so try to be slightly early!

How to find us

The main entrance is on Dale street. For events after 6 pm follow the instructions below:

  1. You know where Fred Aldous is, right? You’re best to start there.
  2. Walk round the Sevendale House building, past Soup Kitchen onto Spear Street.
  3. About half way down the street, you’ll find a large, locked gate – that’s us! Your event organiser will be able to provide you with access to our office from there.

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