Behind the Buzz Word - Meetup
January 30

Behind The Buzz Word #9 - Machine Learning in C# with ML.NET

6:00pm - 8:30pm Code Computerlove

With all the success of our last Behind The Buzz Word - it's only right we get #9 on the go.

We're very fortunate that on this occasion we're being hosted by Code Computerlove - who'll be providing the venue, as Mike Banner (Software Development Lead at Code Computerlove) will be delivering us a hands on experience with ML.NET in C#.

With this being the first Buzz Word of 2020, and the last before our first birthday, you'll be sure we'll have an extensive discussion around the idea too.

Arrive for mingling from 6 with the talk starting at 6:30.

For those who haven't been before - our format is extremely simple:

Behind The Buzz Word is a software development kata run by Reed Technology for those who're looking to get hands on with the latest technologies.

The event is designed to allow you to get hands on with the latest technologies that can add value to your stack. By using a kata format, you're able to be introduced to something new and then really get stuck in with it - all you need to do is bring your laptop.

The introduction to the new technologies is provided by the best possible speakers. Remaining language agnostic, so you can interact with the new tech however you develop, we offer a fair and open opportunity for those of all skill sets to experience something new, brush up on skills, or even learn a new approach from those around you.

This isn't designed to be a super serious, heads down event. The flow is loose, collaboration is encouraged, as long as you feel like you've gained new knowledge then we're happy.

How to find us

The main entrance is on Dale street. For events after 6 pm follow the instructions below:

  1. You know where Fred Aldous is, right? You’re best to start there.
  2. Walk round the Sevendale House building, past Soup Kitchen onto Spear Street.
  3. About half way down the street, you’ll find a large, locked gate – that’s us! Your event organiser will be able to provide you with access to our office from there.

Code Computerlove Ltd
Sevendale House
Dale St, Manchester, M1 1JA

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