Product Fundamentals: An Introduction to Product Measurement & Optimisation


14th September





Society is changing fast. Technology is changing faster. And that makes customer behaviour hard to predict. How do we build teams that are resilient and adaptable enough to craft effective digital products in this often chaotic world?

This is much more than a leadership challenge; product teams are only at their best when everyone feels informed and empowered, equipped with the right tools, aligned around the right goals, and committed to collaboration.

What you’ll learn

  • Why we measure and what it tells us about our products, customers & users
  • What makes an effective product measurement strategy
  • How to embed measurement practices into your product team’s routines
  • Why we experiment and how to use experimentation to make better business decisions 
  • The product optimisation process

Who’s it for

This session is not for advanced product practitioners but is intended for early-stage teams who are wanting to deepen their knowledge of the fundamentals of measurement & optimisation within a product team environment.

You’ll get the most out of it by involving all team members – shared understanding is key for any high-performing team.

Meet the speaker

Jamie Evawin, Head of Experimentation at Code

With over 8 years in product development, Jamie specialises in data-driven, experimental customer experience improvement. 

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