Product Fundamentals: An Introduction to Product Management

ProductLove is an exciting new series of events for digital product people, and anyone curious about product principles.  

With talks and workshops from experts at Code Computerlove and the wider product community, ProductLove is a welcoming space to learn, connect and advance your craft. 

Whether you’re a passionate product practitioner, or you’re just looking to evolve how you work,  ProductLove is (almost) all you need.


Tuesday 26th January, 2pm



Why Product Fundamentals?

Society is changing fast. Technology is changing faster. And that makes customer behaviour hard to predict. How do we build teams that are resilient and adaptable enough to craft effective digital products in this often chaotic world?


This is much more than a leadership challenge; product teams are only at their best when everyone feels informed and empowered, equipped with the right tools, aligned around the right goals, and committed to collaboration.

What is Product Management?

In the first of a series of Product Fundamentals sessions brought to you by Code Computerlove, Managing Director and Founder Louis Georgiou will give an introduction to the Product Fundamentals programme, exploring modern principles and practices used by effective digital teams across the full product delivery lifecycle. 

Who's it for?

This session is not for advanced product practitioners but is intended for early-stage teams who are exploring what being a 'product team' means and want to deepen their knowledge of the fundamentals of product. 


You’ll get the most out of it by involving all team members - shared understanding is key for any high-performing team.

What we'll cover

Practice Why it’s important
Product Vision Creating clarity, inspiration and direction for the product team 
Product Canvas Define your product strategy in a usable, succinct format
OKR Framework Work towards targets that empower teams and give them focus
Product Roadmaps Visualise your strategic priorities and product delivery intent
Story Mapping Define your product scope from real user and business needs

Meet the speaker
Louis Georgiou, Founder and Managing Director at Code

Louis has worked in the digital industry for 20 years and founded Code Computerlove in 1999. 


Louis leads on cross-platform strategy and user experience, working directly with clients such as Oxfam, Brother, First Group and the BBC. His passion is utilising technology to create engaging customer experiences that deliver results, as well as collecting vintage Lego, digital watches and Transformers.


Future sessions
  • Design thinking 
  • UX research and design methods
  • Modern engineering 
  • Measurement & optimisation 
  • Lean delivery 
  • And more!



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