Code Talks: How to create effective digital teams

The need for organisational agility within businesses has suddenly become critical, from remote working, recruitment & onboarding, through to empowering teams and improving productivity.

This is reaffirmed in a state of industry survey by the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA), with 90% of tech and digital businesses saying that the most significant thing they are changing in 2021 is ‘ways of working’.

Although some businesses will already be agile and self-sufficient, internal teams don’t always fire on all cylinders. Skills gaps, capacity issues, working methods and culture can get in the way of achieving goals even for the most mature teams.

For traditional businesses who are looking to adopt agile practices, they know it doesn’t just happen overnight, nor can they afford to re-hire a new workforce. However, this doesn’t mean that they can stand still in competitive markets.

In our upcoming Code Talks in partnership with digital recruitment specialists We Are Adam, we’ll cover the why and how behind transitioning to agile in a post-Covid world, and how this is also driving the way we recruit talent and embed new ways of working.


Thursday 4th March


10:00 - 11:00



What we'll cover
  • Why businesses are looking to agency partners to help coach and train their people
  • How to maintain culture and employee engagement while working remotely
  • How businesses are adapting their hiring strategies in the face of an agile future
  • How to create efficiencies with the people and the processes that you already have
Meet the speakers

Steve Peters, Business Director at Code

Steve Peters PortraitSteve helps businesses with digital transformation, design thinking and lean technology implementation through a people-first approach.


Gemma Handley, Commercial Director at Code

Gemma is a master of several product development practices and leads Code's internal development and continual improvement.


Léon Milns, Co-Founder at We Are Adam

Leon is the Co-Founder of We Are Adam, an expert in helping ambitious businesses find great people.


Anthony Duffin, Digital Leader

Ant is a digital leader with 15 years of global digital brand, e-commerce and tech transformation.


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