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Software Development Lead

Hands on the code, with strong people, team & client leadership skills

We are looking for a Software Development Lead with modern software engineering experience & an agile mindset to lead the technical discipline of a multi-disciplined Product Team at Code Computerlove.

As a Software Development Lead, you'll play the critical role of guiding & leading technical people on the reliable delivery of high quality software using lean/agile methodologies to measure and improve both team and client product performance through metrics and value.

Role and responsibilities...

As a Software Development Lead - reporting to the Technical Director, you will help to deliver Code Computerlove’s Digital Product Agency vision, of identifying and delivering measurable value through iterative products within your high performing teams with your portfolio of clients.

You must have a strong desire to improve yourself and learn from others, whilst also getting involved in the Code Computerlove culture of learning & sharing.

You will also be part of the Software Development Lead discipline/community with all other Software Development Leads from other teams at Code, setting the vision, driving improvements & best practice across Code Computerlove teams.

For the clients that you work with within your Product Team, you will over time raise your profile within the relationship, showing increasing credibility & capability in providing technical direction to a range of stakeholders - with the end result being in essence, acting as their psudo technical director.

Who are you?

You are already a solid, competent modern software engineer (TDD, Automation, DevOps etc...), and have had exposure to people & team leadership/improvement previously. You have identified that staying 100% purely technical is not your career aspiration, however want to still keep your fingers in the code.

You are motivated & passionate about improving how a team perform, so have experience of using lean/agile principles to drive improvements.

You are a confident communicator, along with having empathy & a pragmatic mindset - can operate seamlessly across the team & client stakeholders.

You understand the need to balance technical and product needs to deliver quality adaptable solutions as part of a continuously improving product team.

Perhaps you are not sure how your current role can grow any further, or you are lacking the support to keep progressing…?

Skills and experience...


  • Experience of leading a team & individuals (1:1's) to be highly motivated & high performing. More than managing
  • Pragmatic, level headed & empathetic approach to all aspects of your responsibilities.
  • Solid understanding of what Code Craftsmanship is (Clean Code, TDD, Refactoring techniques) and can demonstrate this understanding through collaborative working practices & pair coding.
  • You have had experience of Lean or Agile working practices, but want to cement your knowledge and help drive continuous improvement and eliminating waste as part of a client / team relationship.
  • You have used a range of technology, very capable with C#, .net Core, Git, CI & Automation, however more importantly can demonstrate your engineering practices/craftsmanship to new technology (perhaps React, Node..)
  • Exposure to cloud services and DevOps practices in Azure or AWS.
  • Have an understanding of modern architectural principles, however you will have a Principal Software Engineer (Architect) who you will use to set technical direction.
  • Comfortable in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, however you will have a Front End specialist in your team to work with and learn from.
  • You will have as much passion in HOW you work & deliver solutions to problems as you do in the technology you use, so terms like 'Craftsmanship', 'Clean Code', 'TDD', 'Self Organising', 'Metrics', 'Fast Feedback', 'Automate Everything' is something you believe in very strongly.


  • Exposure to open source or enterprise level Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Perhaps you will already be attending tech community events in the North West, and recognise the importance of the tech community to calibrate and learn from best in industry engineers.

What we value...

What our Teams & Engineers Value

  • A focus on modern engineering principles, Craftsmanship, Automation, TDD & BDD, DevOps, so technical solutions can be constantly adapted to meet ever changing demands with reliability, repeatability and fast feedback.
  • Agile/Lean Thinking - Product focussed, Kanban approach, Extreme programming, building collaborative team structures that want to surface and use data to drive decisions.
  • Self-Organising – empowered team that constantly seek to improve to reliably deliver iterative solutions.
  • Learning & Personal Development - Code Kata's, Brown Bags, SkillShares & External software coaches
  • Actively attend & speak at local tech & lean meetups in the North West - DevOps Manc, XPMan, MancJS, North West Tester Gathering, CodeUp etc
  • Use the flexible, fun and challenging work environment where innovative ideas are encouraged.

Code Computerlove Values

  • We value people who are brilliant in their capability and the things that they make together
  • We value people who improve; continually improve themselves and the world around them to make a difference
  • We value people who collaborate, who are a joy to work with and who get more from themselves and those around them, by working together effectively.

The environment

Our offices are based in Manchester City centre, just a few minutes’ walk from Piccadilly train station. We value our working spaces greatly so we've crafted studios and working environments that let creativity flourish. We would like individuals who can embrace Code's learning culture and collaborative project approach.

The package

We offer a competitive salary, negotiable dependent on qualifications and experience. On top of this we have a generous benefits package, including pension scheme, medical insurance, flexi-start, 25 days holiday, paid social events, bike schemes, you name it...

Perks of working for Code

  • An annual training budget of at least £500 so you can develop your skills
  • Profit-related bonus scheme
  • Medical insurance with eyecare and dental included
  • Subsidised massages on-site
  • Generous maternity and shared parental leave package
  • Flexible hours and opportunities to work from home
  • Annual (& legendary) Christmas jaunt abroad
  • Social events subsidised by the company, including a weekly free bar
  • Bike and rail pass scheme
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