Principal Designer (Brand & Art Direction)

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Working collaboratively with designers, developers and other digital professionals, you’ll create world-class products and services that meet the needs of real people, and equally, provide commercially successful solutions for our clients.

You will work alongside the Design Lead, the wider team and the client to ensure that we achieve excellence in design process and execution, from research and strategy through to final delivery. You will play a hands-on role to ensure we reach this standard, while proactively collaborating with others and actively developing their skills.

In order to do this - and to ensure the standard is maintained without your personal involvement - you will be heavily involved in the discovery and definition of design strategy and will implement tools and guidelines that ensure big brand ideas are delivered through the customer-facing products and services that we deliver.

Role and responsibilities...

  • Strategic design: Effectively contribute to and bring to life emerging digital strategy and bring people together by telling the story of a better future.
  • Design direction: Create design artefacts that shape the end product, developing brand personality by giving direction on photography, typography, iconography, etc.
  • Product life cycle: Directly contributing across the product life cycle, helping to conceive design solutions and creating high fidelity prototypes that can be tested with users.
  • Empathy: Always forming and testing ideas, designs and solutions with the needs of real people in mind.
  • Leadership and mentoring: Helping develop other team members, by sharing knowledge and passion with the wider agency and the world.
  • Client relationships: Creating and maintaining good relationships with clients, as well as taking a role in new business development and pitches.

Skills and experience...


  • Vision & strategy (the formulation of what product we need to make and why) Builds senior client relationships by establishing a shared vision for user experience
  • Design research (working with user groups to identify business insights) Ensures the highest standards are reached and helps teams identify and make use of insights
  • Communication (using storytelling to write or speak persuasively about design) Explains how a programme of work will effectively address a strategic challenge
  • Collaboration (working together to design products and improve our practice) Creates an environment where collaboration is expected
  • Ideation & critical thinking (generation of appropriate ideas and effective critique) Helps teams understand and improve their creative capability
  • Interaction design (execution of a product's user experience and brand aesthetic) Ensures highest standards are met and actively improved across product teams
  • Prototyping (mocking up ideas to be used in design research) Describes the value of prototyping to clients and stakeholders
  • Design systems (utilising responsive design methods and designing robust patterns) Demonstrates how design systems enable teams to spend more time innovating


  • Process design & facilitation (the formulation of design activity throughout the full product lifecycle) Designs the right process for clients that can be delivered within a reasonable budget
  • Brand & art direction (describing how brands promise future experiences to customers) Helps clarify brand personality and creates tangible assets that guide team decisions
  • Motion & sound (lifting customer experiences beyond visual design and static interactions) Briefs and directs external partners to deliver larger and more complex projects

Core Skills

You will understand and lead the design process in the widest possible sense, but also have deep hands-on experience in some of the following:


  • Ethnographic research
  • Depth interviewing
  • Contextual research
  • Focus groups
  • Usability testing
  • Guerilla research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • IA research and testing
  • Personas
  • Analytics review
  • Expert review
  • Competitor / market review


  • Creative facilitation
  • Persuasion design
  • Product vision
  • Campaign/content ideas
  • Experience maps
  • Process diagrams
  • Site maps and taxonomy
  • Storyboarding & Sketching
  • Low-fidelity prototypes
  • Branding
  • Moodboards / Visual direction
  • Solution design


  • Interaction design
  • Layout / Grid Systems
  • Design Systems (Patterns, etc.)
  • Responsive Design
  • App Design (iOS / Android)
  • High-fidelity prototypes
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • Interactive style guides
  • Filming / Photography / Editing
  • Illustration / Content creation
  • Iconography
  • Typography

What we value...

  • We value people who are brilliant in their capability and the things that they make together.

  • We value people who improve, continually improve themselves and the world around them to make a difference.

  • We value people who collaborate, who are a joy to work with and who get more from themselves and those around them by working together effectively.

Perks of working for Code

  • An annual training budget of at least £500 so you can develop your skills
  • Profit-related bonus scheme
  • Medical insurance with eyecare and dental included
  • Subsidised massages on-site
  • Generous maternity and shared parental leave package
  • Flexible hours and opportunities to work from home
  • Annual (& legendary) Christmas jaunt abroad
  • Social events subsidised by the company, including a weekly free bar
  • Bike and rail pass scheme
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