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DevOps Engineer

Purpose of the role...

Analyse, Define & Drive modern DevOps practices across Code & Client Products

Code Computerlove build and maintain products that utilise a range of technologies. As DevOps Engineer you'll be designing and developing maintainable, adaptable, testable & scalable technical infrastructure & solutions using the best and most suitable tech available to you.

Role and responsibilities...

As a DevOps Engineer - reporting to the Technical Director, you will work with other specialists spannning Software Engineering & Front End Development to define standards, create re-usable frameworks & products, as well as being hands-on to drive your specialism with each of our Product Teams.

Since much of the role of an operations developer is largely at the beginning of a product's lifecycle, you'll be given the unique opportunity of getting involved in new products on a regular basis. You could be operating in a development or consultant capacity (internally or externally), depending on the scope of the product.

One of the most significant aspects of the role will be to ensure the product teams as a whole can and, most importantly, are comfortable managing the operational concerns for their products. In this manner, you'll be responsible for driving the DevOps culture within Code, setting direction, mentoring & upskilling teams to self manage - whilst being approachable and regularly checking-in to teams to optimise implementations.

By leading the DevOps specialism at Code, learning new technologies won't scare you in the slightest and you'll always be up-to-date with new tools & techniques in the industry, and working continually to improve our delivery practises for future products.

We do not expect you to have experience in all the specific technologies we've listed in our requirements, but we do use them all on a daily basis.

You must have a strong desire to improve yourself and learn from others, whilst also getting involved in the Code Computerlove culture of learning & sharing.

Skills and experience...


  • Thorough understanding of continuous delivery principals and experience creating the infrastructure and processes required to support this such as:
    • Continuous integration (TeamCity, VSTS, Jenkins, CodeBuild)
    • Testing (separate environments, unit/acceptance testing)
    • Making releases as simple as possible (Octopus, CodeDeploy)
  • Know what it means to adopt a DevOps culture and the different roles an operations specialist can play across different teams and products.
  • Experience in building web solutions on a range of infrastructure solutions and platforms (AWS, Azure, Heroku, VMware).
  • Competant in evaluating pricing models and utilisation of infrastructure solutions to ensure they are fit for purpose and utilisation.
  • Experience building secure Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL) servers.
  • Solid networking knowledge.
  • Experience working with a range of web and database servers - IIS, Apache, Nginx, Haproxy, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Comfortable in scripting and programming languages (Bash, Powershell, NodeJS, C#, Ruby).
  • Understanding and experience of various automation practises (inf-as-code, immutable inf, provisioning, config management, auto-scaling).
  • Pragmatic secure-first design and the ability to provide confident security-related advise.
  • Designing and implementing disaster recovery solutions, effective monitoring, and incident response systems.
  • Excellent communication and the ability to be "always approachable".


  • An understanding of the current and future role of containers (Docker) and "serverless" (Lambda).
  • Experience with infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, CloudFormation).
  • Previously worked as part of, or closely with, a product development team.
  • Experience working in an agile and/or lean environment.
  • Attendance at community tech events

What we value...

What our Teams & Engineers Value

  • A focus on modern engineering principles, Craftsmanship, Automation, TDD & BDD, DevOps, so technical solutions can be constantly adapted to meet ever changing demands with reliability, repeatability and fast feedback.
  • Agile/Lean Thinking - Product focussed, Kanban approach, Extreme programming, building collaborative team structures that want to surface and use data to drive decisions.
  • Self-Organising – empowered team that constantly seek to improve to reliably deliver iterative solutions.
  • Learning & Personal Development - Code Kata's, Brown Bags, SkillShares & External software coaches
  • Actively attend & speak at local tech & lean meetups in the North West - DevOps Manc, XPMan, MancJS, North West Tester Gathering, CodeUp etc
  • Use the flexible, fun and challenging work environment where innovative ideas are encouraged.

Code Computerlove Values

  • We value people who are brilliant in their capability and the things that they make together
  • We value people who improve; continually improve themselves and the world around them to make a difference
  • We value people who collaborate, who are a joy to work with and who get more from themselves and those around them, by working together effectively.

The environment

Our offices are based in Manchester City centre, just a few minutes’ walk from Piccadilly train station. We value our working spaces greatly so we've crafted studios and working environments that let creativity flourish. We would like individuals who can embrace Code's learning culture and collaborative project approach.

The package

We offer a competitive salary, negotiable dependent on qualifications and experience. On top of this we have a generous benefits package, including pension scheme, medical insurance, flexi-start, 25 days holiday, paid social events, bike schemes, you name it...

Perks of working for Code

  • An annual training budget of at least £500 so you can develop your skills
  • Profit-related bonus scheme
  • Medical insurance with eyecare and dental included
  • Subsidised massages on-site
  • Generous maternity and shared parental leave package
  • Flexible hours and opportunities to work from home
  • Annual (& legendary) Christmas jaunt abroad
  • Social events subsidised by the company, including a weekly free bar
  • Bike and rail pass scheme
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