Words from our work experience winners

As some of you may recall, we ran a competition at the recent Manchester Digital Talent Day where we asked students to ‘#tellusyourtalent’ on a Post-It to win a week’s work experience with us.

It’s been brilliant having our very enthusiastic and conscientious winners Beth, a final year Graphic Design student at Salford University, and Connor, currently in his third year of a Web Development and Design course at UCLAN, around the office.

We asked them to tell us how they got on — they’ve also kindly shared a couple of the pictures they took during their week with us.

“Spending a week at Code has been truly rewarding. I’ve been lucky enough to get some ‘hands on’ experience in the real world of a digital agency and to work amongst some of the most creative people in Manchester.

From doing a massive ‘brew round’ in order to get to know the whole office to sitting in on a design solutions team, it’s been an inspiring and unique opportunity that threw me straight in at the deep end (in a good way)!

My highlight was being able to take part in a live brief solution session which allowed me to share ideas with a range of different ‘Computerlovers’. I really felt valued within the team and felt confident and supported enough to share my thoughts with the group. This experience gave me a true insight into the industry and showed how Code work closely with clients to achieve the best results.

From my week at Code, I’ve learnt many things which I can apply to further my career. The main thing I’ll take away is that I need to have a ‘trial and error’ attitude towards working. Software’s are constantly changing and the only way to keep up with (and better) your last project is to try something new with the next one.”

Beth (http://bethstevens.tumblr.com/)

“During my week with Code, I learnt plenty of toys, tools and tips to quell my inquisitive mind, right from the pros — and had some quality tinker time with them too. And all in a damn cool playground of an office (they had me at the Transformers) where passion directly transforms (hehe) into quality work. Actual heaven.

After the obligatiory ‘brew round’ we were given just what I wanted to hear: freedom.

We were briefed to make something — anything — between us over the week. And here’s what we made: http://weekatcode.herokuapp.com/ — she ain’t pretty, but she’s there and doing her job well.

I packed as many new toys as possible into the development of our little site. I jumped right in with Git and Heroku, immediately struggled and then failed. No matter: as Tony, one of Code’s ‘Three Amigo’ founders, says you should “learn by your mistakes and then change”.

During the week, we sat in on a vast range of real working meetings. This has shown me just what I came here to see: how the real world agency office works (something that just can’t be simulated during education).

The main thing I’ll take away from this week is sense of clarity around what to expect when I enter working life full-time, and not to fear being clueless in places because you’re surrounded by people who can help and trade knowledge with you. Also, invest in Post-its — lots of them.”

Connor (http://www.connorbond.co.uk/)