Code's hosting offer

Code don't re-sell other companies hosting packages. Instead, over the last seven years, we have invested in high-end systems across two datacentres close to our offices in Manchester.

We own and manage all aspects of our hosting service, right down to the rack space, switches, storage, servers, and cabling, etc. Our servers can run full high availability, which means that they have the ability to automatically restart any server that fails on alternate hardware or datacentre. We also offer disaster recovery services for anyone that needs this level of hosting service (this means that all data is simultaneously saved at both datacentres in case of a total datacentre failure).

Code's datacentres are linked together with multiple redundant dark fibre links (it's our own fibre optic cables that are routed down separate paths to the other datacentre, so if a cable breaks at any point it automatically switches to the other cable.) For clients wanting the ultimate protection for their sites, a complete running virtual machine is stored at two datacentres at the same time.

We are members of the Microsoft Hosting Partner Network, the VMWare Service Provider Program and the reseller programs of several vendors we use for storage systems (which we also sell either for installing in our racks or for client premises).

All our systems other than some very high-end SQL Servers are all virtualised in multiple hardware clusters -- and with VMWare Enterprise. Plus we can do things like move a running virtual machine from one datacentre to the other (and even to separate storage) within minutes with no downtime at all.

Because we use two different providers, we can also do some clever stuff with DNS on a clients' domain name; if connectivity at one datacentre is totally wiped out by fire, etc. the still running server (now at the other datacentre) can have its DNS records dynamically updated to a new IP address and carry on working with only a few minutes downtime.

We have several levels of hosting packages, from shared hosting to bespoke systems with deidcated storage. If this has wet your appetite to look into our hosting offer, please get in touch with our Hosting Manager Jools Chesters on 0161 276 2081 or drop an email to

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