Waging a Post-it note war #leverstreetpostit

We’re pretty famous here at Code for our use of Post-its in a work capacity but recently we’ve taken things to the next level…


A whole bunch of us Northern Quarter creative and digital agencies are competing to ‘out do’ each other by displaying elaborate designs and messages made up of Post-its in our office windows. That’s right: a Post-it note war’s broken out.

We’re one of five organisations currently involved, with more coming on board as word spreads through social media channels via the hashtag #leverstreetpostits

It all started when Reason Digital welcomed us to our new studio at Sevendale House with some #postitArt. We replied to Reason’s “hello” with our own “hi” design, and then Reason upped the ante with a Post-it PacMan. Rising to the challenge, our response was an 8-bit style green Space Invader.


The exchange sparked a slew of other notes and images from fellow Northern Quarter agencies including Anything Digital, The Neighbourhood and Hyper Island.

Wini Tse, one of our founders and directors, said: “So far we’ve had Pac Man, Super Mario and even Hyper Island’s programme leader Tash Wilcox as part of the exchange, but we’re expecting to see lots more. The challenge is turning into our own ‘British’ version of #Canal Notes


“We use a lot of Post-its for planning and brainstorming, so this bit of out of hours fun is a good way of recycling them. We’re just hoping Post-it sends us some more packs so we can maybe consider my next design which I reckon will blow the other’s out of the water!”

To follow the fun, search for the hashtag #leverstreetpostit or check out our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles.