The highlights from the Manchester Google conference

On the 30th October, Google came to visit the wonderful city of Manchester to update us on all things Google. The event was a great afternoon, offering some insightful tips about where things are heading. What we really liked about the conference was the different examples of work that had been done by others.

It was a packed agenda which covered:

  • Winning the moments that matter
  • Generating response with video
  • Making Analytics work for you
  • Developing high performance: the pursuit of innovation in the English Premier League
  • Getting to grips with digital insights
  • New realities of retail
  • How Google+ can amplify your marketing
  • The mobile (R)evolution -- the pace of change

Instead of going into the intricate details of what each speaker covered, we are going to run through some of the key insights and useful pieces of information which emerged at the event.


Google suggested that people now spend an average of two hours per week watching YouTube videos.

There was also a mention of TrueView adverts on YouTube which are displayed prior to videos being watched. These videos mean advertisers only have to pay when the viewer doesn't 'skip' and instead watches the full length of the video, including their ad.

Google recommended that one quick way to test out this method is to use any digital assets that you currently have, such as a normal TV advert, and upload this as an advert on TrueView so the results can be monitored. With the costs applying only when people view the full length of the video, this is a much more targeted advertising method than traditional TV adverts.

It is also possible to drop pixels as part of TrueView adverts, meaning that retargeting advertising can take place after someone has viewed the advert in full.


It wouldn't be a Google conference without considerable focus on their social network.

One interesting statistic which was mentioned is that when +1's are listed next to the sponsored listings on Google, there is around a 5-10% increase in click through rate on the adverts.

Some interesting statistics surrounding the usage of Google+ as a social network were discussed, including the fact that there are now 400 million users, with 100 million of these being active every month.

Google also mentioned that there was an insights platform "coming soon" to Google+, which we imagine will be similar to Facebook Insights. They are just perfecting the tool at the moment, so watch this space.


One feature of Google+ that was pushed was the Hangouts facility, where you can either have private hangouts between your friends or public hangouts which are broadcasted onto YouTube. This is what the President Obama did recently while answering peoples' questions; if you are interested in viewing the full video then this is posted on YouTube.

Case studies

There were a lot of case studies mentioned throughout the event, some of which are listed below.

Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club produced a video as part of their marketing campaign which ended up going viral, and has been viewed 7,372,300 times in the seven months it's been live on YouTube.

Apparently, the video only cost $4,500 to create and generated 5,000 annual subscriptions within the first day of going live.

If you haven't seen the video previously, I recommend taking a look as it is great.

Goertz Virtual shoe fitting

Words can't describe how cool this is -- just watch the video below:

Burberry's Regent Street store

A good example of how the physical world can be integrated with digital products. Their store brings their products to life through video and music:

Red Bull's dual screen

Red Bull is a good example of a company who have utilised dual screening. The TV was showing an overview of a snowboarder making his way down the slope, whilst the mobile device was showing the snowboarders view of the situation. If you want to find out more about dual screening, check out our blog post on Interactive TV.

Charity auction

Throughout the day, Scriberia documented all of the information that the speakers were talking about in a nice visual way, which was then put up as a winner's prize for a quiz held during the event. Below is a photograph taken by Paul Morris:

Image Source:

The winner was Sinead Hernen from Swinton Insurance, who has kindly donated her prize to a charity auction.

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