Slacktivism: monster or myth?

We were excited to hear from Jonathan Waddingham, Social Product Manager at Just Giving, who joined us for the Emerging digital trends for charities event we held in June.

Jonathon’s presentation examined slacktivism, which is when actions are performed via the internet in support of a cause, that requires little time or involvement. He offered his perspective in regards to the value of people who engage in such activities, all of which help lead to change at some level. He highlighted the importance of social sharing to Just Giving, whose main use is to facilitate peer-to-peer fundraising, crown funding and campaigns for charities.

The discussion then turned to social platforms that enable sharing and the important role they hold in Just Giving’s growing success. Jonathon paid particular attention to Facebook and went on to discuss their increasing levels of interaction online, based on their recent efforts and investigations into how the company could better their use of this tool.

Highlighting the measures they took to improve their communications via these channels, he also discussed tactics that other offerings could adopt to improve their success rate. This was based on the internal research generated from the organisation’s recent experience of such platforms.

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