Refining the Code way, Hyper Island style

The 60-strong Computerlovers team have just enjoyed a fantastic two-day learning session, facilitated by the brilliant Hyper Island team.

Continual learning and reflection are at the heart of how we operate here at Code; it helps us do things the Code Way, which sets us apart from the plethora of other agencies out there, and ensures that our clients’ needs are met in the most efficient way possible.

For our recent active learning session, we once again called on dynamic Swedish learning facilitator (and one of the world’s best learning organisations) Hyper Island to help us shape proceedings.

So we’ve reflected, discussed and come up with new ways to introduce change across the whole agency, using Hyper Island’s techniques and core tools to develop understanding and encourage collaborative working.

At Code, we recognise the value of taking time out to really evaluate what we do, how we can deliver more to clients and how we should be developing to make sure we stay ahead.

A big thanks to our very own Alex Anderson, who is a Hyper Island facilitator as well as the Talent Manager here at Code, for making it such an inspirational and fun couple of days.

It’s once again made me appreciate how much I love working at Code. I can’t wait to take all of the key learning’s and new ideas and put them into practice.