One Month at Code Computerlove

I know everyone says "it feels like only yesterday since...", so I'm not going to say that.

But honestly, despite the calendar telling me I've been at Code Computerlove for over a month now, I'm pretty sure I walked through those doors for the first time last week (see, didn't say it).

My first day was daunting, not because of the actions of anyone at the company, but for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the company are very well established and have been operating in the development and optimisation industry for 15 years. A lot of clever and talented people have set up camp here, many of whom have been here for years and are likely to be here for years to come. Secondly, because they are such a notable company in the industry and therefore I have wanted to work here for many years.

Day One at Code Computerlove

On day one I and my fellow first day-er (it's a thing) were told we would conduct 'the tea round' - think of it as Code's initiation ceremony. With a member of the talent team, anyone new to the company wanders around the office offering everyone (all 80 or so) a cup of tea.

And, what does every good English person like to do over a cup of tea? Have a natter of course. It's a great way to introduce new staff members to current staff members and give them a chance to get to know each other a little.

Following the quintessentially English tea round was a week of inductions. The usual stuff, presentations from department heads about their team and its role. The difference and what really impressed me, was the unanimous pride and love everyone had for their job. These guys really wanted to work here and that made me even more excited about my role in the team.

One month in

So, now one month in, 'daunting' is not the right way to describe working at Code.

I can honestly say I've never worked at or known about a company who are quite so genuinely people-focused as Code are. Everything has been about teamwork, collaborating, making friends and becoming part of the Code family. Why - because as a team we far outweigh the sum of our parts and that makes brilliant work for our clients.

Never before have I seen that exemplified so well. You only have to glance around the office and you'll see that every inch of spare vertical space is covered with plans and post-it notes. That's because every inch of vertical space has become a planning, sharing or brainstorming space for client teams to focus on their clients.

So my one month at Code has been fantastic.

Here's to another month!

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