Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality is back and it’s better than ever. Put down your Virtual Boy, because the Oculus Rift is here. No, it’s not the name of the gateway that allowed Gozer to enter New York City in Ghostbusters (I checked); it’s the newest attempt at making Virtual Reality gaming credible, affordable and non-nausea-inducing.

And we’ve just got one here at Code.

It’s one of the development kits — a consumer release is intended for next year — so software and demonstrations are limited to what the (albeit vast) development community has created so far, but still, we’re impressed. Way more impressed than this guy.

The Rift basically replaces your monitor or TV and glues the display to your eyeballs, allowing you to experience whatever you’re viewing like you’re right there inside it. And the effect is actually very convincing. Coupled with headphones, it’s incredibly immersive and its potential for enhancing the video game medium is enormous (it won’t do much to dispel the myth that it’s a pastime for geeks like myself, though).

But we’re keen to see if the device could be used outside of gaming, and if it could benefit our clients and their customers in other more experiential ways. CEO of the company Brendan Iribe is excited about its potential use with mobile phones, which is interesting as portability is something that currently restricts the development hardware (Wi-Fi will apparently be introduced at launch).

We’ve got some thoughts and ideas up our sleeves, particularly for our retail clients, so we’ll report back soon with our findings. Stay tuned!