Life at Code: a developer perspective

Darren, one of our newest .Net Web Developers, tells us how he’s finding Code so far.

“I started working here at Code a few months ago. My role involves developing using a number of technologies ranging from .Net, Ruby, SQL Databases and occasionally dipping into front end languages such as CSS, the newly-added SASS and Javascript.

A typical day in the office will always start with a daily ‘stand up’ where the team talk about what they’re working on — it’s a great way to catch up on what everyone is up to and a good opportunity to solve any issues.

I’ll then spend the day working through the jobs that need my attention, chatting with the Project Managers about any challenges I’ve encountered and working through any niggles with the other developers. Curiosity is a big part of the job and after work we’ll often go along to events like Manchester Umbraco Meetup and Thoughtworks so we can talk to other developers and find out about what’s going on elsewhere in the industry.

A good developer need to have great technical skills as well as the ability and willingness to pick up the new stuff that’s emerging all the time — being open minded about new tech and then applying it is all part of the job. Since joining Code, I’ve been introduced to a whole new range of sites and tech, including Cucumber (Ruby code generating browser automation for client written requirements), Node JS (the newest tech for running all sorts of helpful tech such as task runners), Octopus (a new site for auto deploying websites) and Umbraco (Open Source CMS that’s continually evolving).

The most challenging part of the job is making sure you’re always diligent. Developers aren’t just coders — we assist with costing, organising tasks and put a lot of work into coming up with a solution. Along with the act of developing, you need to ensure the best approach, the right technology and the highest standards.

Having worked in a mixture of sectors and businesses over the years, I can safely say that Code provides a working environment you genuinely want to be a part of. There are many different types of people here but from top to bottom you can see that the company values more than just a skillset. You find yourself surrounded by people who are passionate and naturally seem to go the extra mile. The days literally fly by!

I’ve worked on a range of projects here and each one’s been different from the last — but all have challenged me and helped me grow as a developer. Collaborating with the other teams in the agency to create finished pieces of work we can be proud of is very fulfilling.”

We’re currently looking for a Senior Web Developer and Graduate Web Developer to join the team — you can see all our current vacancies on the Jobs page.