Learning more about content writing at Code

Sarah recently joined us for a week's work experience -- we asked her to share what she learnt:

"I finished university in May with aspirations to become a copywriter; I've since made it my mission to get as much agency experience as I can and develop as many skills as possible!

My week with Code Computerlove gave me a valuable insight into life at a digital agency. Although I'd written for digital media formats before, I've never worked somewhere where digital is the company's speciality. I spent my week covering a range of new subjects and learning new ways to approach and write for an ever-increasing range of content channels.

During my week with the agency, I was involved in helping research, plan and write new blog content for clients, contributing to social media strategies, trying my hand at writing up press releases and getting my head around unfamiliar industries. Something I love about agencies is that you get to dive into such a variety of industries and topics -- at Code, I covered everything from luxury holidays and cars to zoos!

I also learnt more about how digital is in constant flux, and how this affects written content. For example, instead of writing either for web or mobile, it's now important to consider that you're writing for adaptive or responsive design. There are no longer two screen sizes to think about, but a range; content needs to be optimised for good user experience, whatever screen size it's viewed on.

Code have a User Experience team that make sure all work is rigorously tested and optimised -- and is as useful to the end user as possible. It's been fascinating to learn about and something I'm definitely interested in exploring more.

It wasn't long ago that I was a bit of a technophobe, retreating from the world of social media and broadcasting information on the web. I've come to understand the importance of telling my story, networking and how useful social media sites are for this -- asking questions is so easy with Twitter! Online communication is more important than ever as it makes finding new contacts and connections incredibly easy.

Working in a digital agency has given me great insight into how useful digital development really is, and also, how important it is to understand and embrace the digital age. Having a digital presence is no longer an advantage, but a necessity.

Something new that I was exposed to at Code was the legal side of content production -- the rules and regulations that govern content on the web. As easy as it now is for us all to self-publish, we need to be aware of what we are saying and whether we are bending any truths or overpromising in any way. Producing website content often requires a lot of nit picking, checking through regulations and laws to make sure everything is approved and accurate. It's been fascinating.

I've learnt a lot more than I thought would be possible in a week and have discovered a lot of new interesting facets to digital copywriting. Thank you for having me, Code!"

You can read more about Sarah's week with us on her blog, Marketing Weekend.

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