Introducing the Election Bullshit Filter

We've just launched a new digital tool designed to help young electorates and first time voters cut through the General Election noise and decide exactly which party is worthy of their vote.

Created by a team of Computerlovers in their spare time, the Election Bullshit Filter is a quiz-based microsite that aims to engage young people -- a group that's becoming increasingly disillusioned with politics -- on their level.

We'd noticed that a lot of the supposedly easy online 'Who should I vote for?' advice tools were actually long, complicated and, well, a bit boring. In contrast to this, we wanted to create something light-hearted and deliberately provocative -- and then deliver the more 'serious stuff' towards the end of the experience.

Users are presented with a series of statements regarding the political party beliefs/policies and asked if they could live with such policies for the next five years; they simply give a 'yes' or 'no' answer to each question.

We are unashamedly controversial in both the tone of voice and line of questions, highlighting the issues, policies and political opinion that will have the most influence in young peoples' lives -- the stuff that politicians might normally gloss over.

At the end of the quiz, the user's told which party/ parties they seem to have the most in common with and then encouraged to learn more about the various party policies so they can make a truly informed choice on who to vote for.

Although the quiz itself is of course 'just for fun', we hope that, by finishing with a focus on the importance of the upcoming election, we'll compel more young people to vote.

You can visit the site at

We used the following sources to create our quiz questions:

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'14 quotes that prove the nasty party is still just as nasty as ever' (Pride's Purge)

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The Conservatives website

The Liberal Democrats website

The Labour Party website

The Green Party website

The UKIP website

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