Inspiring the Code Creative team now

Some of the Creative team here at Code share the things that have inspired and got them thinking over the last few weeks.

“There’s novelty features in abundance in Amazon’s new Fire phone (Dynamic Perspective, Tilt to Scroll) — it’ll be interesting to see whether it can steer any attention away from the upcoming iOS 8 and the new iPhone. The Mayday and Firefly features look especially strong.

Virgin America‘s new site recently went out of beta — it’s beautiful, bold and brave, and littered with charming interactions and animations. Go have a play!

Last weekend I spent a lot of time playing the Destiny Alpha on PlayStation 4 (yes, I am a geek). The game itself is wonderful but what interested me in particular were the sleek and sophisticated menu and UI systems within it. It feels simple and powerful at once, catering to both novice and advanced users of the game.”


“I love how LG have approached the reinvention of the OS on their smart TVs. The idea behind it all is to ‘make TV simple again’, and to achieve this they’ve looked beyond just functionality — creating an appealing visual experience and making the design dynamic was at the core.

The new interface is both immediate and simple — there’s no clutter or overbearing menu design. You don’t have to leave the page to go ‘back to’ the main menu or have the screen totally obliterated with content. Even the initial set-up of the TV has been made simpler with the creation of ‘Bean Bird’, an animated character that guides you the process.

I also though the Unicef Tap Project, is a brilliant fundraising idea. It uses the iPhone’s accelerometer (which measures the force of acceleration and senses movement, speed and direction) to monitor whether people are using their phone, and then encourages them to donate when they go a set period of time without using — or ‘tapping’ — their phone.

And, finally, a reminder that a digital idea doesn’t have to be digital…”


“I love this thought provoking ad campaign from Amnesty international, which uses hard-hitting humour to promote an important cause.”


“I thought this ad from Sure was a good example of a brand being quick enough (and smart enough) to take advantage of media attention on a particular subject.”


“The new ‘Like a Girl’ campaign from Always — which sets out to make us question why saying someone is doing things “like a girl” has become an insult and challenges us redefine what it means — got me thinking. It feels like the brand has hit on an empowering message that a lot of women will connect with — it only launched yesterday and I’ve already seen lots of shares across social channels.

On a similar theme, a new ad from Verizon cleverly explores a theory as to why it is that 66 per cent of fourth grade girls in the US say they like science and math, but only 18 per cent of all college engineering majors are female. It shows how the social cues that many of us are guilty of directing at little girls can stifle their curiosity.

These campaigns are so effective because they’re underscored by a fundamental truth that’s then been presented in a compelling way. Brilliant.”