Insights from the PoweredbyTweets event

A couple of weeks ago, five Computerlovers went along to Twitter's PoweredByTweets event in Shoreditch, London. The venue was pretty snazzy and there was a great atmosphere at the event -- plus there were hashtags everywhere, including behind the bar (#beeroclock)

There were great talks from Twitter's MD, Planning Director and Brand Strategist, followed by some talks from people and businesses who've achieved success through Twitter. We were presented with lots of examples and stats that demonstrated how integral Twitter has become to people's lives, and how effective campaigns which utilise Twitter can be.

There were a couple of learnings that I found particularly interesting:

Twitter as an information network

Twitter is fast becoming the primary originator for news-related content. News of events like the helicopter crash in London breaks on Twitter first, and the images people upload to their accounts are being used on the front pages of newspapers. This is obviously having an impact on the traditional news industry, who used to be first on the scene; now they're just catching up, as Twitter now provides the shortest distance between you and what interests you most.

Twitter and TV

Twitter is TV's natural companion, with high levels of tweets being sent out during shows. To throw a few stats into the picture: 60% of UK Twitter users take to Twitter while watching TV, and 40% of all Twitter traffic generated during peak time is TV-related. And Twitter has actually driven more people to tune in to shows like 'Dynamo: Magician Impossible', thanks to the Twitter chatter that's taken place during the ad breaks.

Twitter introducing Vine

Twitter have introduced Vine after analysing what the most engaging content on the current Twitter platform is. Unsurprisingly it's imagery and video. I've already heard people saying, 'I'm going to Vine it', and I reckon it's going to be really popular (for a while), but will it last or will it just yet another short-lived app?

Twitter on your mobile

80% of Twitter users now access their account on mobile... Enough said, and this figure will only go up!

Using Twitter to shop and pay

At the event, we were given the chance to 'buy' items from the virtual 'tweetshop' using hashtags. Great fun, and I wonder whether we'll soon see more brands asking customers to pay or advocate things via Twitter?

In summary, the event was a great reminder of just how powerful social networks can be. Twitter isn't going to disappear anytime soon, and we'll be seeing even more deeply integrated Twitter campaigns this year.

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