How digital is changing the face of the MS Society

We were excited to hear from Sarah Jordan, Digital Director at the MS Society UK, who joined us for the Emerging digital trends for charities event we held in June.

The society currently operates as the largest UK charity supporting people living with the condition, with over 280 branches in the UK their focus is on information, care and research. Sarah discussed the organisation’s current digital profile, their objectives and how they’re planning to achieve a digital transformation, by reviewing the importance of company culture and their organisational vision.

She highlighted that the MS society UK have a vast amount of high quality information and therefore the credibility of their research is very well respected in the sector. As a result of this, one of their main objectives is to adapt their offering to communicate this across digital channels, whilst embodying their members’ strong sense of community. Their ultimate vision is to create a life free from the effects of MS. However, for now their goal is to can change the face of the MS Society, by using innovation to help facilitate people living with the condition.

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