Halloween at Code Computerlove

Here at Code, we think CSS is pretty awesome – it has come a long way from just a styling tool. With the help of preprocessors such as SASS and LESS, CSS is being used in some amazing and creative ways. Every so often we like to test our skills and knowledge, to try things that we wouldn’t normally do in everyday production.

Last year we ran a competition, to create a snowman with pure HTML & CSS. The rules were simple… CSS and HTML only! No JavaScript and no images in any format (that includes SVG). The competition isn’t limited to our Front End Developers, it is opened up to the entire agency.
This year we chose a fun and fitting theme… Halloween. The same rules were adopted from last year’s competition. As technology has improved and people had an extra year to play with the technology and its new features… the competition got serious!

This year’s entries were a total mixed bag of ideas and techniques, all of which I think pushed the boundaries from last year.

The voting remained the same as last year, with an office vote for the one you like the best. Tech or application of tech wasn’t considered – it was purely based on personal opinion.

Take a look at the results and see if you agree…

Entry one: http://codepen.io/fedcode/full/jbKWvo/

Entry two: http://codepen.io/fedcode/full/gaKPBj

Entry three: http://codepen.io/fedcode/full/KdeVGO/

Entry four: http://codepen.io/fedcode/full/ojybae/

Entry five: http://codepen.io/fedcode/full/meKVzL/

Entry six: http://codepen.io/fedcode/full/NGzdWR/

Entry seven: http://codepen.io/fedcode/full/JYZEKx/

And, the winner is (drum roll please)…

Entry number two, from Charles Burdett – Junior Designer at Code.

Well done Charles and happy Halloween!