Follow the World Cup with OLÉ

Inevitably, there’s plenty of talk about the World Cup around the Code office — and a few of the more football mad Computerlovers have gotten together to create a live score tracker and online fixture list that can help you keep up to date with the latest from Brazil.

The brain child of Code’s head of front end development Branny, OLÉ shows live scores for matches in progress updating every 25 seconds, and allows users to view previous scores and all fixtures, or browse by group or country.


Branny said: “There are live score services out there, generally linked to other sites, but we wanted to create something really simple and standalone that simply and clearly allows people to follow the action and track the tournament.

“We think ours looks pretty silky and hope people enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed designing and building it.”

This was a brilliant collaborative effort from Code’s Front End team — both Matt Robinson and Chris Gibbons helped to bring Luke Willetts’ (Creative Lead) mobile first design approach to life.

Well done and thanks to the team for all the hard work and spare time the put into creating OLÉ — give it a try yourself at