Digital Selection

Thinking about fresh starts for a new year, some of us have resolved to spend a bit less time interacting with our devices and a bit more interacting with our friends, family and the real world.

We live in a generation that has recently learned how to take the digital world with us wherever we go. This has brought about some brilliant innovation and wonderful change, but it can also provide a distraction. Devices that are always on hand can take our time and attention away from real things and experiences that make us happy. As described in this great video on connecting and the future of interactive design it can be, ‘enabling but also disrupting’.

There is an art to creating experiences that enrich lives without taking anything away. It may be that we have not yet fully adapted and will eventually learn how to select digital that makes life better and reject anything that makes it worse. Thankfully, there are also lots of people creating digital experiences that recognise and address this issue. As the connecting video suggests, we need to work towards a network of things with PEOPLE at the centre, rather than a digital network with devices at the centre.

My new years’ resolution is to choose digital that makes my life better; not that makes my device better.