Digital retail experiences

We've recently been exploring ideas for digital installations and in-store experiences for some of our retail-focused clients. To fuel our thoughts we've been digging around the web, looking at some of the work that's been created by our peers.

We came across a lot of fun and smart ideas that make use of physical retail space in novel, memorable and often experiential ways -- below are a handful of the ones that we liked best; the ones that we feel would catch your eye and make you stop as you're walking down the high street, or perhaps even entice you into a store to experience them more intimately.

Creatively, this space is very exciting as there's a variety of ways to enhance and guide the user experience. These types of installations can be gestural, touch-based and even tactile by introducing physical objects that can interact with digital interfaces. As the high street continues to compete with the cheaper and more convenient online shopping world, such novel and fun experiences as these could be a way to physically attract shoppers again.

Carte Noire -- Window of Intensity

A striking, experiential display that transforms a whole shop window into an interactive experience.

Adidas Neo -- Window Shopping

A novel example of bringing a traditional window display to life with touch gestures and cross-device connectivity.

TNT -- Perception

A unique combination of contemporary digital interaction and classic physical sign technology. Very impressive.

Ballantine's -- Leave An Impression

Another striking and visually-impressive interactive installation that uses your silhouette to form a unique piece of art.

Intel -- Gliders

A collective art experience that uses cross-device connectivity to allow users to create unique flying creatures and populate them into a shared environment on screen.

Manchester Visitor Centre -- Surface Tables

Created by our friends at magneticNorth, this interactive Surface table uses physical objects to create an enhanced and playful user experience.

Code in the news Nov 2013