Developer resources

We're really keen on sharing learnings with each other here at Code, and emails containing links to stuff we've found interesting or useful make their way round the office every day.

As you'd expect, there are certain websites that we developers turn to again and again to make sure we're keeping up-to-date with the latest industry news and views; and, since we're a generous bunch here, we've decided to share them with you too.

I've trawled through my inbox as well as my bookmark list to come up with this overview of some of the best developer resources.

Think we've missed something? Then let us know.


The Verge

Similar to the very popular TED site but with more article content than videos; the web, social and software sections are the most interesting.

C#indepth (C# in depth)

A static list of resources and archives, compiled by Jon Skeet to support the content in his book of the same name.


Weekly podcast on .NET development.

Hacker News

New tech related project news.


A community-driven site that offers news, information and advice on enterprise software.

Stack Overflow

If a developer Google's a problem and sees a result returned for Stack Overflow, it's pretty likely that they'll click on this link first. Consisting of a strong community of programmers helping programmers, ask a question and it will be collaboratively answered. We recommend checking the podcast section regularly!


Specifically the Git resources, which offers an easy to follow introduction to Git, various workflows and the related concepts.

Simple Programmer

Articles by a chap called John Sonmez. The content ranges from technical to the very non-technical, but always maintains a programmer's perspective.

Articles from leading technical authors and consultants such as Grey Young.

CSS Wizardry

Front-end focused site with articles covering CSS, front-end architecture and performance.


A newish blog and tutorial-based site. The tutorials are really thorough and easy to follow so it's great for new developers looking to learn, or experienced developers looking for inspiration.


The Open Web Application Security Project is an community led project to increase the level of security within devlopment and testing. It's also the home of the yearly review of the 'OWASP top 10' most common security flaws.

Hansel Minutes

A regular podcast with Scott Hanselman and various developers.

Herding Code

A diverse podcast site featuring content from K Scott Allen, Kevin Dent, and Scott Koon and Jon Galloway.


Coding Horror (@codinghorror)

Jeff Attwood, creator of Discourse and Stack Exchange, founded this .NET based blog that discusses programming, and human and usability factors.

Scott Guthrie (@scottgu‎)

A Microsoft employee, Scott mainly posts Microsoft related news and announcements on technologies such as Azure, ASP.NET and Visual Studio.

Troy Hunt (@troyhunt)

A Microsoft MVP and software architect, Troy blogs about web application security and software delivery processes.

Nathanael Jones (@nathanaeljones)

The creator of the widly used image handling library,, Nathanael's a forward-thinking software engineer who posts about development, refinement and the continuing search for better concepts, approaches and practices.

Guy Nirpaz

A less technical blog that's more about the relationship between people and technology.


I also did a little Twitter stalking to see who our developers were following:


Front End Designer from Pittsburgh.


ASP.NET Developer based in Sydney.


Phil Haack, a former Microsoft employee -- author of many programming books and all round software guru.


Another Microsoft employee who's a member of the Web Platform Team. Programmer, teacher and speaker on subjects such as technology, culture, code and the web.


Self-proclaimed geek, developer and ethical hacker based in New York City. Slightly more 'not safe for work' than the others -- check her out!


Renowned author of book on agile and XP methodology, and founder of

Training resources


A mix of.NET and open source videos (usually to a very high production standard).
Home of the fantastic series of videos by Jon Skeet and TekPub TV's StackOverflow question of the week.

Plural Sight

More targeted towards the Microsoft stack, productions include Troy Hunts security training (quality varies wildly, though).


Opensource stack training videos (Ruby on Rails / JS / NodeJS and Design).

Free: / JS Conf

164 videos from seven years of JSConf providing insights into the future and current Javascript usage and advancements.


Videos from the national developer's conference


Very broad range of videos covering all aspects of MSFT's technology.

GROW Crop Challenge