Creating the Code Computerlove Vine Comic

For those of you who haven't come across it yet, Vine is a new mobile service that lets you capture and share six-second-long looping videos. Introduced by Twitter back in January, the idea of the tight time constraint is to provide an extra quick glimpse of peoples' lives, setting and ideas, and also inspire creativity in a similar way to the 140-character limit on tweets.

Vine is currently available on iPhone and produces mp4 formatted videos that can either be viewed through Vine's website via a link, or embedded on a page. The app is slick and offers a unique, easy-to-use interface -- you only have to touch the screen to start recording a Vine, and then release your finger from the screen to pause.

Start playing around with the app and it soon becomes clear that you could create some really amazing videos with it, particularly if you adopt the stop motion approach or something similar. It was out of this concept that Code Computerlove Vine Comic was born...

Although our Vine Comic doesn't actually use stop motion itself, it was the idea that you could create more than six seconds worth of a story using the six seconds of video that inspired us.

What all comics have in common, whether you're talking about the Marvel magazines or just the tiny strips in the newspaper, is the fact that they're able to capture the imagination and tell a story in a short snapshot of time. As you can probably tell, our aim was never to introduce the next superhero or anything -- we just used the comic strips that we're all familiar with as our inspiration, and to demonstrate how Vine can be used creatively.

Our Vine Comic was essentially thought up over an after-work Friday beer, created over the weekend and then released the following week. There wasn't a brief, and there wasn't a formal discussion; it was literally, "Here's an idea, let's give it a go".

But that's the beauty of experiments like this -- they don't need to be talked through in detail before you start, and the results are actually often more interesting if you don't...

Check out the Code Computerlove Vine Comic and let us know what you think.

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