Creating our Apple Watch app, Flip On It

We were really keen to explore the opportunities that the Apple Watch presents, so decided to cut our teeth on designing and developing for this new medium with a proactive project of our own.

Every day, we’re faced with choices: to go to the gym or not; to have sandwich or salad for lunch; to walk home or take the bus.

And having to endlessly make up your mind about every little thing can become a bit of chore, right?

Enter the Code Computerlove-created Flip On It Apple Watch app, which places an easy decision-making tool right there on your wrist.

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Flip On It is simple, quick and easy to use, and looks and performs great on the watch.

In addition to a heads or tails answer, the app will remember your heads versus tails history and lets you choose to toss a euro, dollar or Great British pound coin.

[Download the Flip On It Apple Watch app for free and let us know what you think by using the hashtag #fliponit on Twitter.

Designing for the Apple Watch

Art Director Luke, who headed up the project, says, “Designing for the Apple Watch highlighted how well the device works to deliver at-a-glance simple interaction. It also brought home just how small the space you’re working with really is, meaning text needs to be kept to a minimum or absent altogether.

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“Any Apple Watch apps that try and incorporate too much on the display or create a deep interaction experience will inevitably fail. It’s not about creating a watch version of an iPhone app; watch apps need to be bespoke, action oriented and offer short bursts of interactions.

“Although the Apple Watch is still in its infancy and access to some of the more clever hardware features is currently limited, we’re already seeing some quite cool solutions coming into the App Store, and I even more exciting apps will emerge in the coming months.”

3_Flip -on -it -app -phone

The future of the Apple Watch

Steve, our Sales and Marketing Director, shares his thoughts on the opportunities that the Apple Watch offers:

“The benefit of the watch is that it’s always connected — but this is also perhaps its weakness. Being interrupted all the time could well be distracting and irritating after a while. One thing’s for sure: there will also need to be a cultural change in terms of the stigma associated with looking at your watch, which is currently perceived as rude and that you have somewhere else to be!

“I can definitely see it as a useful platform for some of our clients, especially where it can enhance physical experiences, support location based marketing and complement existing mobile functionality. For Chester Zoo it could deliver notifications and reminders as visitors enjoy the attraction, working alongside our successful mobile app. Similarly for First TransPennine Express providing at-a-glance travel information and supporting a ticketless operating system would be a great way to use the platform. While NUS Extra could alert students to nearby deals to draw them in stores.

“But only time will tell how much the Apple Watch takes off, given its current limited functionality and with reports that only 8% of marketers are executing plans for an app on the device. People are buying it because it’s cool and new, where what it does is secondary. Let’s hope they find enough great stuff to do with it.

“Heads it will take off, tails it will become an expensive accessory that eventually gets shoved to the back of the junk drawer.”

Marketing Week 24.014.15