Code is once again a top 100 UK digital agency

Although for us it's more about the 'experience' and 'Computerlove moments' than the dollar, cash or wonga -- we're always proud to be listed in the UK's Top 100 Digital Agency report by NMA/Econsultancy, which ranks UK agencies according to fee income from their UK digital activities.

The Top 100 Digital Agencies Report, previously published exclusively by digital marketing magazine New Media Age, ranks agencies according to fee income from their UK digital activities.

And this year Code is number 82. So a huge thanks to all our clients who have helped us have another amazing year and you many have read this week that we're on track to have another record year, which is brilliant for the whole team.

The report, out today, found that the fee income collected by the UK's top digital agencies has reached a total of £1.18bn, showing a growth rate of 18.7%.

The research also found that creative activities drive the largest share of average agency fee income; it accounted for 17% of fees (or almost £203m). This was followed by technical development (14% / £168m), and marketing (12% / £148m).

In the face of continuous customer change and disruption coming from digital, brands are looking to invest more heavily. Agencies are profiting from the skills, knowledge and experience they have built up over the past years.

For this reason, optimism within the industry is high: 70% of agencies surveyed said they were 'very optimistic' for their business over the next 12 months.

Speaking on the report, Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein says: "Agencies remain the foundries of ideas that forge much of the UK's success as a global leader in digital and ecommerce. They are highly positive about their outlook, with 91% of agencies surveyed for this report expecting to grow in the next 12 months, and 41% expecting growth of 30% or more.

He adds: "However, in order to maintain this momentum, agencies will have to continue to look beyond simply providing services. They need to embed themselves in the strategic decision making of the brands they work with and sit as close as possible to the board table. Agencies that influence discussions here will see continued success as companies transform themselves for the digital age."

Shawn Cabral, marketing director, Sitecore UK - report sponsors, comments: "It is great to see that the UK digital agency sector continues to power ahead with strong revenue growth and optimism for the future. Digital success is so closely linked with business success for many brands, and the UK's digital agencies have a pivotal role in guiding their clients so they can use digital to build long-term, sustainable business advantage. Sitecore is committed to helping the UK digital agency sector to achieve this and deliver long-lasting customer value for brands"

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