Code Computerlove take part in transatlantic skills share

A group of Computerlovers have been sharing their knowledge and passion for coding with students from across the pond.

At the end of 2017, we connected with two classes of 12- and 13-year old students from Midlothian Middle School in Virginia via Google Hangouts.

During the two half-hour sessions, our developers Ella Jennings, Barney Scott, Jake Wiliams, Moj Aghrout and Alex Clapperton answered questions posed by the students, including ‘What made you interested in coding?’, ‘What type of schooling do you need to be a developer?’ and ‘What is your favourite part of the job?’.


“We’re always happy to share our know-how and help to inspire future generations of coders,” says our Talent Director Alex. “It was brilliant to see how interested the kids were in the work we do here, and we’re looking forward to connecting with more students from across the globe in the future.”