Code Computerlove at Hack Manchester

Hack Manchester is a 24 hour coding competition, where over 300 people come together to solve a range of challenges set by big industry names. The challenge is to either build something fun or even try to solve some social benefit in and around Manchester. Teams turn up with an idea and just 24 hours later present a working product. We’ve got two teams entering from Code… meet team Average Codes and team Mayhem!

Average Codes

Here’s what you need to know about Average Codes…

Who makes up the team?

Charles Burdett
Charles will be focusing on the UX and Design element of the challenge. He will be wireframing the app and working on the interaction design alongside Ryan.

Ryan Johnstone
Ryan is the Android Developer of the group. He will be working on an Android app to consume the API and making use of native APIs to give a richer experience.

Martin Tierney
Martin is a Back End Developer and will be working on the API that will provide data to and from the app and web front end (if there is enough time).

Mike McHugh
Mike is a Back End Developer and will be working on the API that provides data to the android app. He may also develop a web front end with Martin depending on when the API is finished.

Why did you choose your name?

Martin had an Average Joes t-shirt on from the film Dodgeball, when we were trying to come up with a team name. That’s where it started… In a group discussion we had a brainwave to call ourselves Average Codes.

What challenge are you doing?

We chose to do the Ladbible’s ‘Uber for Volunteering’ brief.

Why did you choose the challenge?

As a team, we felt it would give us a chance to come up with a solution, which could contribute to social change and help people.

What are you looking forward to about Hack Manchester?

We’re looking forward to the event; especially seeing if we can stay awake for this long! It’ll be really good to experience the process and uncover how a good prototype can be built in just a weekend. We’re excited to test ourselves, as we’ll be focusing entirely on one product, to see how productive we can be when it matters.

As a team, we don’t work this closely on work-based projects, so it’ll be enjoyable to work with people we don’t normally collaborate with.

Team Mayhem

Here’s what you need to know about Mayhem…

Who makes up the team?

Adam ‘Menace’ Pendlebury
The elder of the group, with his wisdom, experience and immense knowledge will guide the team on the right track when they will be busy chasing rabbits.

Matthew Macartney
The Junior Front End Developer, keen on becoming a superstar from his first appearance in a hackathon will stumble upon some advanced wizardry that will dazzle the audience.

Dragos Romario Rosu
The Junior Software Developer, hackathon veteran, always on the lookout to do amazing things with code, will blitz through development and create a wondrous piece of technology.

Why did you choose your name?

We’ve chosen our team name in a typical engineering style – throwing names into a bag. Mayhem was more than a reasonable random roll and we stuck with it.

What challenge are you doing?

We are going to be pursuing the challenge issued by AutoTrader for best use of Police Data in Greater Manchester.

Why did you choose the challenge?

We’ve picked this challenge to start with because we are fanatical about open source data and to have a play with police data seemed like the best recipe for us. Who knows what’s hidden there… maybe a hidden gem for villains to exploit or the secret to banishing them!

What are you looking forward to about Hack Manchester?

We are looking forward to join the flock of nutty coders in pursue of the holy code, witness some wacky inventions, have a blast trying to win, giving presentation as sleepless zombies and as always, finding the omnipresent troll that will try to murder the Wi-Fi network.

From left to right: Adam Pendlebury, Matthew Macartney, Dragos Romario Rosu

The teams will be attending the event this weekend at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry.