Code Company Day with Hyper Island

At Code, we know how important it is to regularly check in with each other — particularly now that there are 80 of us… So just before Easter, we took a day away from the office to spend some time together and talk about what’s working, what’s not and what Computerlove means to us.

Working with Hyper Island — our long-term partners when it comes to facilitating open and honest discussions within the Code team — the Company Day gave us all an opportunity to share our thoughts and feeling about ourselves, others, and the company as a whole. Plus, let’s face it, it was a great excuse to get out the Post-its (which, as anyone’s who’s ever visited our office will know, is one of our favourite things…).

Building on established Code principles like effectively giving and receiving of feedback and collaboration, we took part in a series of activities that not only gave us all the chance to interact with people from other disciplines that we don’t often get to work with, but also to have those ‘unsaid conversations’ that can sometimes get in the way of us doing the best possible work.

As a result of the discussions we had, we’re looking at tweaking some of our processes so that we can work together more efficiently and get the most out of each other. More than anything, though, the day was a reminder of what a truly brilliant, fun and proactive bunch the Code team are.

Huge thanks as always to the guys at Hyper Island for helping us to get the most out of the session — we’re now all looking forward to turning our ideas into something tangible.