Back to the Future Day at Code Computerlove

It’s the day that film fans around the world have been looking forward to, Wednesday 21st October, 2015 — formerly known as Back to the Future Day!

If you’ve not yet seen it (today is a good day to catch up)… it’s the very date in “Back to the Future II”, that saw Doc and Marty visit 2015, in a DeLorean time machine from the year 1985 (where it was left to Marty to try and fix history).

Nearly 26 years since the release of the second film and in celebration of the day, together with our partners The Car Buying Service, we’ve put together an infographic of 88 facts about the real star of the show — the DMC-12 car, its founder and fans.

We hope to share this with movie enthusiasts worldwide… as even the most knowledgeable of film fans, will be surprised at some of the DeLorean themed facts that we have uncovered.

Happy Back to the Future Day film fans!

88 facts about the delorean](

88 facts about the DeLorean Infographic] by the team at [The Car Buying Service