Cartridge Save 3D Print Cup challenge

Over the past couple of months, I’ve become fascinated with the creative ‘new kid on the block’: 3D printing.

A few years ago, the application of 3D printing seemed to be confined to the industrial engineering and construction sector; I remember Google serving me up images of plastic cogs, screws and machine parts, which, though useful for purpose, didn’t quite push my buttons…. Today, do the same Google search and you’ll see a totally different landscape: shoes, toys, guns (boo)!, guitars and even pizza!

So when I spotted a competition organised by][1][Cartridge Save on Twitter, challenging creatives to design the ultimate action hero and then have it 3D printed for the chance to win a market-leading 3D printer, I signed on the dotted line there and then.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been busy developing my character ‘Krayonz‘ with the incredible concept artist and 3D ninja Mike Fong, who’s kindly bought all my sketches and scribbles to life with an incredible 3D model.

All of the characters have been allocated ‘Top Trumps’ style core skills, and the competition culminates with a battle-to-the-end, 3D face off at the Tib Street Tavern this Thursday (11/07/13), where the winner will be crowned.

Want to know more about Krayonz? I’ll be blogging again after the event with more info on how he came to be.