Behind the scenes

Meet Brigitte

Our concept involved the creation of Brigitte, Office Services Manager at Heron Manufacturing. We wanted to create a character that was a labelling obsessive; OCD but cute, weird but kooky (definitely not cat-lady weird) and, overall, somebody loveable and interesting who would capture our audience’s attention.

Enter Brigitte.

Putting pen to paper

We had the concept, but getting the script right was crucial — we needed a scriptwriter that shared the same vision as us but was able to bring Brigitte to life through her actions and interview. Our writer of choice was David Billcliffe.

Choosing a director

We chose to work with Chief productions on producing the video; after seeing the script, they instantly recommended Ben Tonge to direct the piece.


Brigitte was played by Laura Lexx who we felt both understood our concept and also worked perfectly as loveable Brigitte. Laura has a background in stand-up comedy, which we think really helped when it came to bringing some extra personality to the character.

Location, Location, Location.

We shot the video at Brother’s office in Manchester, which was the perfect place for Brigitte to work her ‘labelling’ magic. To reinforce the documentary style, Brother staff were hand for Brigitte to interact with, giving our mockumentary an added sense of realism.

And Action!

Working with Jess at Chief and Nicki Casey, our own producer, we shot the full video in a day. We used Brother UK’s own kitchen and main office, and dressed an unused meeting room to act as Brigitte’s office. We tried to stay as close to the original concept as possible which helped us to get the most out of the day and produce something we are incredibly proud of.

The campaign is being supported by PR (Citypress) and advertising across Google’s Display Networks (Carat Manchester). We’ve added a competition mechanic to the ending to increase sharability and engagement — spot the movie reference and win a trip to Mexico!