Artisan versus McDonalds coffee: we put them to the test

You might think you know your coffee, but are you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that you’d prefer an artisan coffee over one from McDonalds?

We love the psychology of ‘brand preference’ and whether we are all as discerning as we’d like to think… So we decided to put our new user testing lab to good use by investigating if coffee-loving Computerlovers really do know their stuff.

We quizzed five of the team, all of whom stated a preference for coffee from artisan coffee shops – in particular, Idle Hands (for those who don’t know, that’s the independent coffee shop considered to be the best in the Northern Quarter). But would they be able to identify it in a blind taste test..?

We tested five coffees:

• An artisan coffee from Idle Hands

• One from Starbucks

• One from McDonalds

• One from our machine at work, which uses freshly ground Lavazza beans

• Nescafe Gold instant coffee: a 70s classic.

And the results…?

Of the five users, all but one were able to identify the artisan coffee (one of our participants, Rich, was even able to guess the coffee shop it was purchased from) – but only two of the five actually preferred it; the other three chose Starbucks, McDonalds and Nescafe.

And poor Charlotte. After saying that she would “never buy a McDonald’s coffee, it’s just the worst!”… she selected McDonalds as her favourite. Ouch!

So there you have it, the people of Code do (sort of) know their good quality coffee. Now pass me a brew, would you?

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