A day in the life of a Project Manager

This week, we’ve lined up five interviews with awesome staff across our Strategy, UX and the Delivery team to give you an idea what it’s like to work here at Code. So to kick off our ‘day in the life’ week, meet Mark — one of our talented Project Managers.

Can you begin by telling us a little bit about yourself and your role in the agency?

I have been a Project Manager at Code for 15 months and I’ve been a member of the Delivery team here for over three years. I work as part of one of our Platform teams, which is a multi-discipline team including Designers and Developers. My role involves managing work within the team, from the initial request from our clients to project completion.

Could you describe a typical day in the office?

A typical day for me starts with a ‘scrum’ meeting in the morning, where the whole team come together to identify issues, share ideas and work out solutions. They’re usually quite short and focus on three basic questions: ‘What did I do yesterday?’, ‘What am I doing today?’, and ‘Are there any issues that may prevent me from achieving today’s work?’.

Once our morning meeting is complete, I’ll usually spend time with each member of the team to help with any questions they may have which weren’t covered by the morning ‘scrum’. I find this one-on-one time is important in ensuring each team member understands specific deliverables and expectations for the work. It also helps me build good working relationships with everyone.

Throughout the day, I would usually split my time between supporting the team and answering any other questions they have, and speaking to my clients to update them progress. Our clients play a big role within our team and I’ve found projects are generally more successful when they’ve involved as much as possible. We try to introduce most of the team to our clients during projects as we prefer to work as an extension of their own teams rather than separately. Our clients and each team member seem to prefer this extra involvement too.

What key skills do you think are most important in a Project Manager?

It goes without saying that planning and organisation skills are essential. I do, however, believe a bit of common sense is the most important skill a Project Manager could have. We have to think on our feet a lot and, at times, quickly make decisions which could affect the whole project. On these occasions, applying a bit of common sense ensures any decisions are still sensible and achievable. Project Managers at Code also has a lot of client contact, so it’s also really important that you’re an approachable, friendly person!

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I have a degree in Computing, so I’ve not got a typical agency Project Manager background. I do believe, however, that my technical background has helped me massively throughout my time at Code. I actually started at Code a little over five years ago, straight out of university, and my first role here was in IT. After two years in that role, I sidestepped over into the Delivery team.

Do you have a favourite part of your job?

The best part by miles is working with all the amazing people at Code. We really are a great team and you’re never short of people that are willing to help you out in any situation.

What do you find the most challenging?

Letting people down! There is a real sense of team effort here and, as I mentioned above, the best part is the people. If I’ve ever been in a situation where the team has been let down by something I’ve not done, I then find it really difficult relaying the bad news. The teams I work in are great, though, and any challenge — even ones created by me! — are quickly resolved.

Is there a campaign or piece of work that you are particularly proud of, and why?

The latest site we have put live in our team is for Hillarys. They rebranded earlier this year and we helped them turn that brand into the site you can see now. We worked really closely with the client’s teams on this one and it’s been amazing for me and the team to receive such great feedback.

How would you describe working for Code Computerlove?

Code is a friendly place to work with a lot of ambition. Every member of our teams really wants to work here and I haven’t met one person who doesn’t like working here. I can honestly say I look forward to coming into work!

What attributes are you looking for in a new team member?

We need someone with a positive attitude and excellent communication skills when it comes to dealing with both internal teams and our clients. You need to be friendly and like working to make things better. Most of all, though, you need to have common sense and know how to apply it.

If you’re interested in working with Mark and the delivery team, get in touch by sending your CV and cover letter to jobs@codecomputerlove.com