A day in the life of a Digital Producer

Our ‘A day in the life’ interviews are back! Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to more members of our team, starting with Becky, a talented Producer and valued Computerlover.

Can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself, and your role in the agency?

Hello, I’m Becky and I am a ‘Mondo Freak’!

I’ve been working for Code for just short of nine months as a Digital Producer. The role of a Producer sits within the Delivery team, alongside our gifted Project Managers.

I work within one of Code’s three Platform teams, known within the company as the ‘Mondo Freaks’. My role here is to support and manage work within the team, and act as a key contact for our clients, keeping them informed on project status and working on their incoming requests.

In addition to supporting my Platform team and its Project Managers, I also assist our Account Managers in the day-to-day communication with the clients.

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

One of the great things about being a Producer at Code is that no two days are the same.

Typically, each day starts with project ‘scrums’. These are normally gatherings around project boards where each team member reports back on the previous day’s progress and any obstacles encountered, Post-it notes get moved in and out of columns and the plan of action for the day is formulated.

Exceptions to this are when all Mondo Freaks group together on Monday and Wednesday mornings for ‘sprint’ and ‘mid-sprint’ planning, distributing work amongst all Platform team members and discussing any issues that might have occurred throughout the week.

Following these sessions, I take forward any personal actions and incorporate them into my plan for the day. This could consist of status updates to the client, testing, obtaining further information for the team, creation of new tickets / tasks, getting client sign-offs and so on.

The rest of my day is then spent working through my ‘to do’ list, being in frequent communication with the clients, dealing with any incoming requests, and catching up with the team to ensure that they have everything they require to complete each task at hand. As mentioned before, part of my role is also to work closely with Client Services, so throughout the day I am often in contact with the Account Managers of the projects I am working on.

What key skills do you think are most important in a Digital Producer?

Great communication skills are paramount to being a Digital Producer due to the amount of people you converse with on a daily basis, both internally and externally. You also require organisational, planning and administrative skills.

As Mark said in his ‘a day in the life’ interview, common sense is important as you frequently have to make key decisions which might have an impact on the project or team. The ability to think on your feet and to have confidence in being client facing is also essential.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I’m never really sure how far to go back with questions like these and often get carried away. So I’m going to try my best not to bore everyone with my life story on this one!

So… having spent four years studying Multimedia Computing and Digital Entertainment Technology at Northumbria University, I left Newcastle to return home and embark on life as a young professional — equipped with my degree in hand.

Despite the fact that this was probably meant to be one of the most exciting times of my life to date, I won’t lie — I had no idea what to do. My course covered an array of modules over the years from JavaScript to animation, html to design methodologies, and although my options were vast I was limited by the level of depth and specialism spent on each of the topics that had been covered.

However, I was soon offered a job working as a New Media Designer for the Yorkshire Post. I spent the first 18 months of my career applying and continually developing some of the practical skills I obtained throughout my degree. And although I was constantly learning and progressing in the Creative Studio, there was something missing about my role there — clients and communication!

I remember reading an article in .Net about project management and relationship building with clients, and it was at this point that I knew what direction I wanted to progress into. So as I had some of the practical knowledge, studied the methodologies, and seen a variety of projects through from initial concept to delivery, I decided it was time for a change.

The next move I made was crossing the Pennines to Manchester. Agency life started out for me on a much smaller scale at first but it provided me with the experience and knowledge that eventually helped me secure a job at Code last spring.

Do you have a favourite part of your job?

It is so hard to pinpoint what it is I love the most about my job. The variety and amount of opportunities that are available to me here are never ending. The support and encouragement I get from my team leader and those I work closely alongside gives me confidence in my development here.

I’ve been given responsibility and autonomy, which has enabled me to take leadership of projects, and I have my own clients to look after.

I also have to give credit to each of my fellow Computerlovers — their creativity and passion creates a fun and enjoyable working environment. Oh, and I mustn’t forget our great clients too!

What do you find the most challenging?

Working in a fast-paced digital agency naturally comes with certain challenges, but that’s what makes the job so exciting.

As a Producer, it’s important to try and ensure that you are working proactively as opposed to reactively. This can sometimes be a challenge as your role is to facilitate, deliver and keep everyone happy — but the great thing about Code is that people are always happy to help.

How would you describe working for Code Computerlove?

Colourful. The agency is full of vibrant, talented and passionate individuals who, when working collaboratively, have the ability to produce beautiful and innovative end products. And need I even mention the fun we have on the social side…

What attributes are you looking for in a new team member?

We’re looking for a team player with great people skills; an individual who is confident in communicating internally and with clients. Someone with a get-up-and-go attitude, who is willing to get involved not only in the role, but the whole agency (and perhaps the occasional social event, too).

A Producer should also have ambition, drive and passion.

Interested in becoming a Computerlover? Check out ourjobs page to view our current vacancies.

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