A day in the life of a Code Front-End Developer

Can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself and your role in the agency?

I’m Dan and I’m a senior Front-End Developer here at Code. I’ve been here just over 7 months and recently passed my probation period, which means I get to stay!

I’m part of a multi-discipline team and as a senior in the group it’s part of my job to upskill the others in front-end development, to enable them to learn and progress in different areas of the studio – not just their own. I also like to represent the company at external events, talking about my discipline and contributing towards getting our front-end team a great reputation in the industry! Along with this I take the lead in building the front-end of our client’s website (the user interface, fancy functionality, pretty things…)

Could you describe a typical day in the office?

We have flexible working hours here so I like to take advantage of this where I can – sometimes it’s nice to get in early when it’s quiet and crack on with your tasks for the day, but other times I arrive for our morning stand-up at 9:30am.

We do our stand-up around a physical Kanban board, where our team discusses and prioritises our tasks for the day, to see how we can help each other out to get cards moving through the board. At the moment we’re all pitching in to quality check each others work in an effort to take some of the workload off our client’s test team – a new idea we’re trialling. I like taking on different tasks to enhance my knowledge as it keeps things fresh and interesting.

After this team ceremony I’ll get a brew round in and usually get some music on the speakers- then get stuck into the first bits of my work for the day.

What key skills do you think are most important in a developer?

Aside from the specific skills of your discipline you need passion. A passion for learning, constantly improving yourself and a desire to
help others do the same too. It’s so hard these days to keep up with the latest technology (especially in front-end) so enthusiasm to do research and development is also key.

Do you have a favourite part of your job?

As I mentioned above, constantly learning and improving my skill set is a big part of what I do and why I do it.

At Code I get the chance to do this every day. I also play a big part in running learning sessions for different groups – whether it’s my account team, the front-end developers or the entire development discipline. I thrive on this part of the job and I’m very pleased I’m able to help others continually improve too.

On the flipside of this I also get to be around some very smart people and learn from them every day. Whether it’s back-end developers, designers or testers I’m constantly getting to grips with new areas of technology and being surrounded by others willing to be patient and teach me their trade is awesome!

Is there a project that you are particularly proud of and why?

The main client I work with is Hillarys, and since I’ve been working at Code I’ve already made my mark on this project. I’ve been given the opportunity to introduce some of the latest tools in front-end technology and promote the use of these to the rest of the team. This is something that I’m particularly proud of and I intend to keep on doing it. Along with the technology side of things I also like getting engaged with our clients and speaking about the techniques and tools that we use, in order to find the best solution to their problems. This is something that I aim to do more of in the near future.

How would you describe working for Code Computerlove?

Since I’ve been working at Code I feel like I’ve learned so much – which reminds me that I still have so much to learn. This is one of the many reasons I come into work every day. Everyone who surrounds me has made me feel so welcome as well and we all have fun together whilst getting all of our work done. Then as a reward for all of our hard work we get to go on many social outings too – I’ve just joined the social team so I’m excited to help organise these!

Working at Code can sometimes be challenging, but me and my colleagues always get the work done and being part of a team that can be proud of what we produce is a great feeling. Challenging yes, but where’s the fun if it’s not hard sometimes!

dan work

What attributes are you looking for in a new team member?

In a new team member, the first thing I look for is passion and enthusiasm. In this ever-changing industry you’ve got to be on top of your game and in order to do that you have to absolutely love what you do. Strive to be the best and constantly improve, ingrain this into your mindset and your every day work ethic.

As well as this you have to be able to collaborate within a cross-discipline team and be willing to step outside your comfort zone to do so. Someone that has all this and who also cares about quality code for building robust products is exactly what I’m looking for in my next colleague.

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