24 Hour Game-a-thon for SpecialEffect

Stage 1: The idea

Believe it or not, the average UK gamer age is 35 years old (which, when you think about it, actually makes perfect sense given that the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the SEGA Master System were introduced to the world back the early to mid-80’s).

People who grew up playing these consoles have continued gaming, and there are certainly plenty of keen gamers here in the Code Computerlove office. So we thought: Why not use our love for the consoles to help us raise some money for charity?

Thus the idea for a 24-hour Gameathon was born.

Stage 2: Choosing the charity

When we were looking for a charity to support, someone came up with the suggestion of SpecialEffect.

SpecialEffect create adaptive technology for people with physical disabilities to develop and enjoy video games in the same way as you and I. They bring families and friends together and the work they do has a profoundly positive impact on confidence and rehabilitation.

Given that our fundraiser was all about gaming, it felt like the ideal fit.

Stage 3: Preparation

The concept was simple: Participants would play video games – included individual gaming, one-on-one challenges, co-op games and competitions – for 24 hours solid.

We planned a layout that allowed us to set up the necessary consoles, monitors, internet access, and Twitch accounts for live streaming. We ordered in the all-important food and drinks and set up seating in the main Event Space where we were to host the competition games (48 track Mario Kart competition and Street Fighter 5 knockout tournament).

Final stage: The day itself!

Saturday 10th March 11am: The time had come and the 24-hour Gameathon began with 15 Computerlovers.

The games we took on during the course of the day included Mario Kart, Dark Souls 3, Street Fighter 5, All 4 Borderlands 2 DLC levels, Flight Simulator and Diablo 3.

Exhaustion kicked in around the 6am mark, but tired minds and eyes battling on, determined to see it out to the end.



At 11am the next day, 24 hours of gaming came to an end. Consoles powering down, Twitch streams switched off and monitors turned off – we had made it! Missions completed, characters levelled-up and final flags swung! And, most importantly, we’d raised over £1000 for SpecialEffect.